i always bring you into this (and who you are)

...I know you hear this.

prelude to existential horror not read this, this is not meant for you to read...

what dreams?

I will show you.  I will show you soon.  I will show you now.

ghost conversation

"I've heard that story before," you tell me. "I know," I say. I know.

a doctor of the flesh

“Thank you, Jimmy.”

exercising my house

It's the polite thing to do.

feast for the hungry (ode to progress part ii)

And oh! have I told you about the dog fighting? ... Delicious to watch, delicious to taste!

cycles of sleep (ode to progress part i)

...please say yes...

[Document 1] – lost in the cache

And, since the computer itself will be immersed in old sloppy-joe and rotting paella, the vent ports will close up with grease and wet rice and the temperature of the internals will rise a few degrees.

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