meeting Prometheus

The waves crash on the shore below us.  It’s beautiful here.  I could sleep here forever...

rain cycle

I come up from below and sit for a while in the spitting drizzle that’s bubbling through the crack in the living room ceiling.


Just dreams.  And so what harm could they do?

to win, you have to smile

...that’s gonna be the heaviness of the hand of God upon you...

the monster inside of me

I can taste the thing that is tasting me.

a stagehand’s farewell

what did Puck say? what was it...? more yielding... yielding... to dream.

a minute to not breathe

Orbs of air, like weightless quicksilver, slide from my nose as I roll to my back.

and thank you for allowing me to return

And now I see where you had been standing, that air blessed with the fragrance of your sweat...

thank you for allowing me to return

I wait here, listening to the words here and there that flutter out through the screened windows...

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