a stagehand’s farewell

what did Puck say? what was it...? more yielding... yielding... to dream.

corporeal ascendency

I will improve.  And next time, I will do it right.

dying in a land that was always strange

The wind will be all that matters.  And the rain, too.

a memorial of things

“Fluffies now come with 15000 sheets per roll!”

a turning

...hell’s got corners.  Hell, houses, bricks, belt buckles.

feast for the hungry (ode to progress part ii)

And oh! have I told you about the dog fighting? ... Delicious to watch, delicious to taste!

cycles of sleep (ode to progress part i)

...please say yes...

[Document 1] – lost in the cache

And, since the computer itself will be immersed in old sloppy-joe and rotting paella, the vent ports will close up with grease and wet rice and the temperature of the internals will rise a few degrees.

it didn’t leave its name

The thing that watches keeps chewing the air. The sound of its voice is like the husky clatter of corn stalks in the late fall – hungry. Hungry and damned.

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