unfinished dishes and TV extras

How can I explain that he’s been the same person over the course of forty or more years’ worth of TV shows...

waxing and waning

All is poetry.  All meaning is bent toward something else.

the nice thing about internet acquaintances

He’d been gone for seven years.

how all wanting ends

Last night was still and quiet when I stepped out for smoke.  I had quit months ago.  But I wanted to feel that smoke in my lungs again.

dying in a land that was always strange

The wind will be all that matters.  And the rain, too.

a memorial of things

“Fluffies now come with 15000 sheets per roll!”

the man with flowers in his hair

I can no longer see his eyes.  They are buried behind petals and greenery.  The eyes themselves may be feeding the root.

rustoleum on a midamerican evening

A bench that has no eyes can never really look out into anything anyway.

a turning

...hell’s got corners.  Hell, houses, bricks, belt buckles.

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